a car battery last without driving

How Long Does A Car Battery Last Without Driving

Cars are the vehicle that takes people from place to place. So, when the purpose is over them has to be parked in some place without driving them. Like your mobile battery your car battery also has to be charged, they will be charged form the generator when they are moving but what happens when they are in rest? There are chances to lose batter.

If you are driving for a long time without any stop or when you have to stop your car for long them there are issues of your battery to lose its charge. Here are some solutions for it and also you might know about what happens if a car battery sits unused.

How long will your car battery last if you do drive your car?

a car battery sit unusedIf you have a newly charged car battery and if they are completely charged they will definitely sustain with the charge till 2 weeks even if they do not get a charge from the generator. Such types of a car battery will get completely discharged in the time of 2 to 3 months. If you are leaving your car without running them for 2 to 5 months and then when you try to start them they will not get started unless you charge them.

When you exactly need the time that a car battery last without driving, would be completely based on the number of devices that the battery spends its energy. That is, the additional devices that are functioning in your car like air conditioning, car alarm system, turned on headlamps, etc. If you are not sure about the “health” of a battery, it is highly suggested to charge it, and keep handy best lithium ion car jump starter for a long drive

How long will your battery sustain if you are driving your car?

The longer that you are using the car or driving them the faster the battery gets discharged. There are some of the car owners who complain that their car battery goes down even if do not take the car for the time of 2 weeks. In case if your car battery will not be able to provide the required energy for starting even to start the engine then it is the condition that you need to change the car battery.

What to do if it is necessary to leave the car without using for a long time?

If the battery installed in your car is new you can definitely leave them without using them for 2 weeks but just make sure that all the internal devices present in your car are switched off and the battery will not be used for them. In other cases when you need to leave your car parked for longer you can also remove your car battery. Even when your batter places them inside your home if the weather is cold.

In the case of a warmer environment, the battery will stay longer. Also, remember that it is not advisable to keep the car battery near the radiator or any other heating devices. Placing your car battery in the room of the temperature or 25degree Celsius would be the right option when you need a car battery last without the engine on for a long time.