Choose the Best Place to Install a Subwoofer in Car

putting subwoofer in a car

Want to shake and boost the boom in your car? Adding a subwoofer to any audio system can improve your music and your driving experience. But the major key is finding the right location for your subwoofer. It is essential to set up your subwoofer in the right place in your car because it determines the sound quality that is produced.

But before start choosing the best subwoofer, keep in mind that the higher power makes a car battery get low faster, so if you have an old battery better to update it first

People can choose a location based on either car manufacturer’s suggested place or you may customize the location to get high-quality sound. While setting up the subwoofer in your car, you should read the manual what to do and don’t.

The perfect place for the subwoofer should be placed in the front of the car. Due to space construction, it may not be possible. The subwoofer is mainly used for SQ, higher-end audio installations and convertible cars.

Car audio installation depends on your car model and budget. Setting up a subwoofer can be a frustrating one. Usually, there are two different places such as the trunk and the cab. So, you have to choose the best place to put subwoofer in a vehicle.

The Trunk

The most famous place for a car subwoofer is the trunk. The trunk is out of the way which means it is hidden in the back. You may have to place it in the trunk and give it power, so the sound travels through the backseat of the car.

Setting up the subwoofer in the trunk will give you more space in the cab. As well as your passengers can’t see what’s in your trunk without opening it.

If you place the subwoofer in the trunk, there is no way for thieves to see what sort of subwoofer you have in your trunk. But if you place it in the cab, they can easily spot it by looking through the window. But installation of subwoofers in the trunk tends to be a little bit harder as compared to cab corner.

Furthermore, if you putting subwoofer in a car trunk, they are very secure. If you fit the subwoofer correctly, it could be secured. As well as when you take sharp turns or any emergency braking, it offers stability. Moreover, it will help to prevent vehicle break-ins.

Install a Subwoofer in Car

Cab Corner

An alternative choice of placing subwoofer is the cab which is not common like trunk subwoofers. The major benefit of placing a subwoofer in the cab is the quality of the sound. This is because it producing better sounding bass and work better to create the perfect sound. If you install a subwoofer in the cab, the bass range is wider and the bass lines quality is much clearer.

You can easy to install the cab subwoofers which means you can easy to remove or switch out based on your needs.

While installing a subwoofer, you should remember these things that will help you to know which one is the best position for subwoofer in car. Now, the choice is ultimately yours.