How to make tires black again – Tips & tricks on tire cleaning methods

The tires of vehicle play a vital road in vehicle management and road safety. The tires of the car must be cleaned and maintained regularly for a better life and awesome look and won’t get fade. This article gives tips for how to make tires black again?

Antioxidant cause tire blooming

Tires are made with rubber. An antioxidant added with the rubber saves tire from cracking at the time of oxidation. It results in the side wall and outer surface pliable and resistant to an oxidant. Tire blooming is prevented by cleaning and maintaining the tires frequently.

Antioxidant tires give more mileage and good grip to the tire. In road safety needs it avoids an accident and prevents human being and the expensive car.

Non-sticky lubricants are used in tire mold helps to give grip to the tire but cause tire blooming. Silicons used in tire also cause tire blooming. The dust particles residue on the surface of the tire leads to a change of color in the tires.

It is necessary to keeping tires black & maintains it. If you didn’t clean the tires, the dust enters to the sides of the car and the car looks dirt.

Best ways to keep tires black and shiny

  1. Tires are layered with dust and must. First clean the tires using water and remove the dust.
  2. Rinse tires in water with soap oil and clean by using hose.
  3. Use tire brush to clean the tires inch by inch also the spokes of the tire. Always use the best standard brush which doesn’t make any scratches or damages to the tire. Use sufficient water for cleaning.
  4. Avoid splashing on the rim and car body.
  5. Choose an open space or a car parking place to clean the tire.
  6. Dry it in hot sun or place it on the corridor.
  7. Repeat the process and keeps the tire black.
  8. After cleaning check for a pressure and air in the tire.

The regular cleaning of tires keep tires black and shiny the car gets awesome look.

Methods of Protecting Car Tires

It is essential to protect the car after cleaning to maintain the black color in the tire. Car tires can be protected by tire dressing, tire waxing, and tire sealant.

Dressing of Tires

Tires can be dressed in two ways: 1. Water-based and Solvent-based

In the water-based method, the tires are protected by UV-protecting elements which help in rubbed degradation. It is the most popular and commonly used method. It is environment-friendly.

In solvent-based silicones and sticky liquids are used for dressing. It creates a glossy and shiny look on the tire. It helps in rubber deterioration.

The dressing of tires helps in making tires black again and helps to remove tiny dust particles in the tires. Repeat the process for a long-lasting effect.

keep tires black

Tire Waxing

Tire wax lubricates helps in the filling of pores. It needs more time for applying and cleaning, and also tire must be de-greased for waxing. The effects of waxing last longer and keep tires black and shiny.

Tire Sealant

Tire sealant is not the popular method, but it helps for a long-lasting effect. Tire sealant helps for making tires black again and lasts for at least a year if you apply as per the instruction and the substance used. It helps to maintain the color by applying the color coat literally on the layer of the tire. It is very cost-effective.

It is necessary to clean the tire and protect it from blooming. The regular cleaning and maintenance of the tires give value and life to the car. Depending on the type of car tire and the solvent used, apply the substance accordingly and maintains the tire to keep tires black and shiny.