Steps to Remove the Car Window Paint

The car window paint is used to paint or to decorate car windows. Sometimes, most of the people use the paint to decorate their own car windows with their favorite color or their children’s favorite color. Often parents write their children’s names on the windows of their own vehicles to celebrate a happy concert like the chariot.

The car window painting process and to get window paint off car are sometimes a difficult one. The two different types of car window paint are water and oil dependencies.

  • What are all the tools required are given below:
  • Paint dispenser
  • Paint removing razor
  • Hand Broom
  • Dustpan
  • Water-based liquid detergent
  • Towels for cleaning
  • Rubber gloves
  • Spray
  • Container of acetone
  • Clean and dry towels

Remove the Car Window Paint

Step 1: type of paint going to be used

Before going to paint, you must determine what type of window paint you are dealing with and check whether the paint is water based or oil based type.

Step 2: remove window paint and unwanted scattered pieces

You should remove the old paint and the unwanted scattered pieces in the car by using the razor. You cannot totally remove the old paint but the razor can help you to make the next step effective than before. By this razor and acetone method, get car window paint off.

Step 3: clean the painted area.

You have to use solutions like warm water and a water-based detergent to clean the painted area. This type of method is used only to remove the water-based car window paint.

Oil-based car window paint can be removed by using the acetone method or WD40 method.

WD40 method:

You should clearly wash the painted area by using a warm water solution. The main goal is to remove the dirt present on the surface of the car and grime. You should take a mild amount of WD40 and apply on the surface of the car by using a clean cotton towel. Leave it for 10 to 20 minutes to deactivate the oil-based window paint. Then again you have clean the window by using the warm-water or water-based liquid.

WD40 method

Acetone method:

The acetone method can be done only in the ventilated area especially in the outside. You should thoroughly clean the old painted area by using warm water. You have to take the rags and acetone outside of the vehicle. By using rubber gloves, you should clean the window by using acetone. Gradually, the paint begins to come off from the window.

Step 4:

Both water-based and oil-based window paint can tend to linger for a long time if it does not clean properly. If you want to make your window means, you should wash again with the warm water thoroughly.

Car window painting is definitely fun when celebrating a special event, and removing it after the celebration is not complicated

Step 5: cautions for paint stripper

There are several different types of paint strippers and while they all do the same thing, they may use different chemicals, which have different warnings. The chemicals will have fumes, so make sure you removing car window paint in a well-ventilated area.