What are the Causes that Tire is about to Separate and How to prevent it?

Avoid Tread Separation

Tread Separation is a hazardous condition in which the tread separates from the body of the tire. Mostly, tread separation is found in tires used by large cargo trucks because of operators user retreads or recaps.  Retread tire means tire carcass that has been reconditioned and has new tread joined to the old carcass.

Here are some signs to check whether the tires are at risk for tread separation

  • Cracking in the tire’s sidewall
  • Blisters on the sidewall
  • Excessively worn tread
  • Excessive Vibration while driving

These are the tread separation symptoms to look for to know if your tires are bad or not.

Causes of Tread Separation

Here are the potential causes of tread separation.

Improper Flat Repair

If your tire has been repaired by using a plug and patch, errors in the repair may cause tire separation. The plug tip can chock in the space between the body and tread, it could cause irreversible separation.

Manufacturer Defects

If there is any defect in the design and manufacturing of tires, it may cause tread separation. Sometimes, errors occur in the chemical portion of the manufacturing side, causing the tire and steel bolting not to join correctly. If it occurs, the manufacturer is only responsible for repairs.

Tire abuse

Over inflation of the tire on rough roads is one of the causes of tread separation.

Excessive Tire Wear

Generally, tires are designed for delivering a set number of miles. If it reaches certain mileage limits, it increases your risk of tire blowouts, treads separation and loss of traction as well.

Careless Driving Habits

If you drive a car high speed or hit potholes at high speeds, it can generate force to cause tire separation. So, people should take care of their tire with good maintenance that will reduce wear on the tires as well as the risk of tire separation.

These are the most common tread separation causes in the car tires and let’s see how to avoid it.

Tread Separation

How to Avoid Tread Separation?

The most common cause of tread separation is Manufacturer’s defect. When your tire shows the signs of tread separation and the reason for the repair is related to the manufactures. So, you have to call the manufacturer to report the defect and replacement.

Thorough inspection allows you to detect any defects as well as avoid tread separation.

If you identify tire tread separation, the repair shouldn’t be attempted. So, the only solution is to replace the tire. So, if you notice the sign of tread separation, you need to have your tires replaced immediately.

Tread separation may cause catastrophic accidents and probably you can’t predict. There is a variety of measures can take to avoid tread separation such as maintenance, responsible driving, and regular tire checkups as well.

The tire industry can able to reduce the risk of tire defects through measures include proper manufacturing practices, quality control measures, and appropriate adhesion. If you were in an accident caused by tread separation, you can go for a car accident attorney. File a claim to recover the damages you have sustained.